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By utilizing old products found around your home, you can save a substantial amount of money on your decor.

Old Household Items

There are many items that we regularly throw into the trash without a second thought, but some of these products can be repurposed to give your home a new style that will revitalize the entire space! In this blog, we’ll highlight five ways to use old household items to redecorate your property.

  1. Use Old Bottles as Vases
  2. Instead of throwing those old wine bottles out for recycling, check first to see if they have an intriguing style or colour. Unique (and clean!) wine bottles can be used as a replacement vase. If you collect several bottles you can then clean them out and create a replacement vase collection that could become an interesting centerpiece for your home living room area.

  3. Use Old Towel Racks for Hanging Potted Plants
  4. After you’ve undergone a complete bathroom renovation, you might consider re-using old items from the bathroom both inside and outside your home. Old towel racks are particularly useful, as they’re inherently designed to withstand heat and humidity and can therefore be used for hanging potted plants outside.

  5. Broken Plates can be used for Garden Edging
  6. Those stylish plates that have been broken through regular household use can style bring style to the property! By carefully breaking chipped or otherwise unusable plates in half, you can use them to create an edging pattern within the backyard space. It’s a great way to frame flower beds and provide an interesting design to the garden area without having to spend a large amount on mosaic supplies.

  7. Use Older Dish Racks as File Folders
  8. Dish racks often have to be changed when renovating a kitchen space, but that doesn’t mean they need to be thrown out altogether. The modern kitchen dish rack fits seamlessly within an office space and can be used to carefully hold those important file folders for later use.

  9. Turn Your Old Fridge into a Mini Storage Unit
  10. The fridge system doesn’t have to be thrown out after a kitchen upgrade; it can take pride of place in any area of the home as a storage unit. The organizational compartments within the fridge make the area ideal for storing products such as CDs and video games.

Those old items can still serve a prominent purpose in your home. Review the tips in this article and give new life to your old household belongings. To learn more repurposing tips, contact our team directly!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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