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We all have a space in the home where we keep one-off items that are rarely used, but your junk drawer doesn’t have to be a messy and confusing place.

Junk Drawer

When organized correctly, it can be an area in which you can easily find that hidden item. To help you separate products in your junk drawer, this blog provides several tips for organizing your junk drawer space.

First, Empty the Drawer and Throw Out Used Items

It can be difficult to throw out items that have been a part of the home for many years, but it’s important to create new space for more useful and efficient products.

The first process you must undertake when organizing your junk drawers is to empty the drawer out and discard any items that have long-since served their purpose. Make sure you review recycling regulations in your area to ensure items are removed safely.

Keep Extension Cords Wrapped Safely

Extension cords are one of the more commonly found items within junk drawers. These items can make it difficult to find anything else within a disorganized junk drawer, but this problem can be eliminated by winding the cord loosely and placing it into a cardboard paper towel-tube. This will prevent the cords from loosening and covering other items in the drawer over time.

Use a Cardboard Bottle Divider to Create Separate Compartments

One organizing trick that many homeowners now use is to find a cardboard bottle divider to create separate sections within the drawer. This will help with organizing items such as pins, screws and coins that might find their way into the drawer. Old ice cube trays can also offer a good storage solution for smaller items that are easily lost within a large drawer space.

Maintain your Junk Drawer Regularly

It can be tempting to simply organize the drawer once and then forget about it for the rest of the year, but this will only add to your cleaning challenges later. Try to pick a regularly scheduled day to go through your junk drawer. It could be the day you pay your bills or the day you go through a spring cleaning regimen. Maintaining the organization of junk drawer will become easier each time you take on the task.

Effective junk drawer organization can help ensure you know where those rarely used items are at a moment’s notice. The drawer could then become a much-utilized, functional space within the home!

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