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We live in a world that’s constantly growing and changing. Better, faster and more efficient technology is constantly being made available to us. We upgrade and get the best of what is important to us, so we often find ourselves surrounded by things we no longer need or use.

Profit Off Of Your Junk

It can be stressful to have a constantly growing stream of clutter, but often the easiest solution in garbage disposal isn’t the smartest: The garbage can may be just a few feet away, but it’s keeping your belongings out of the landfill might just make you money!

As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Instead of throwing away things you don’t use anymore, first see if that junk could turn into a profit.

In this era of smartphones and connectivity, you can make a statement for the world to see without leaving your home. There are many websites and apps dedicated entirely to selling used items.

On websites such as Craigslist, you have the freedom to sell absolutely anything you want to and write whatever you want about it.

Of course, this means the success of your ad is in your hands.

Remember to include important details such as size and original price. The more details and photos you provide in your ad, the more appealing it will be to the public. It even has the potential to be shared and gain more views if people find it amusing, or simply if others think it’s a great deal.

eBay is another wonderful resource for selling jewellery, electronics and collectibles. Often times, sellers find themselves getting more bids than expected for an item as the website is viewed by millions of people worldwide every minute!

Don’t forget about social media as another method of selling your belongings. People tend to spend time with friends who have similar tastes or interests, so it is fair to assume that you would see the most interest in your items from your peers. However, you may find yourself giving ‘friend discounts,’ so it may not be the most lucrative option.

If you’re not the technological type, you can still sell your belongings the old-fashioned way: by putting it all in the front yard for your neighbourhood to see!

Yard sales are a great way to unload old items and get extra cash on the weekend. Hopping yard sales on a nice day is a popular pastime among collectors and retirees, so it’s likely that you’ll find a great market of buyers if your home is in a well trafficked area.

If you’ve tried everything and still no one wants your belongings, there’s a good chance they’re simply junk. Call Junk It! for the things no one wants and we’ll provide an easy solution for your junk removal!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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