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Sometimes the best lives are led in a tiny apartment. After all, tiny apartments can have lower rent, allowing you to live in better locations and spend more money on your passions!

Making Small Spaces Work

Fortunately, living in a tiny apartment can be a breeze if you follow the following steps for junk identification. For all junk removal in Toronto, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote!

  1. Use fold-away or stacking furniture
  2. Fold-away furniture is incredibly practical, and is becoming quite chic. Nice fold-away chairs and tables can switch your apartment between an open livable space and a cozy dinner party setting in a matter of minutes. Stacking or nesting furniture is also making a comeback, especially with classy wooden benches that can slide under the table or on top of each other when not in use.

  3. Spend time de-cluttering
  4. By living in a small downtown apartment, you will likely save a lot of time on commuting, so spend some of that time keeping the clutter levels in your home at a minimum. There are many strategies for controlling clutter in a small space, but some of our favorites are:

    • Budget 10 minutes a day. You’d be surprised at how much work you can finish in 10 minutes of focused work a day. That’s enough time to sort a pile of papers, pick up everything on the floor, or fold laundry.
    • Use vertical storage containers. A shelving unit takes up precious floor space, but not nearly as much floor space as a pile of junk. Use open shelves instead of closed ones to know when the junk on the shelves is getting out of control.
    • Force yourself to make decisions. Do not allow any piles to be “pending decision” piles. Every time you pick up an object, decide whether to store it permanently or toss it!
  5. Obvious junk removal
  6. A shelving unit makes it easy to see how much of your stuff is obviously junk: it’s the stuff on shelves that looks terrible and that you don’t use. Get rid of it.

  7. Less-obvious junk removal
  8. It can be harder to tell what junk is if it is grouped in with non-junk. The most obvious example of this is in your closet. It can be hard to notice that unused clothes are adding up. Use the hanger method: turn all your hangers around backwards. When you wear a piece of clothing, hang it back up the right way around. After six months, junk or donate all the clothes that were never worn. You can use similar methods to identify unused cookware, books and magazines, video and board games, or any other commonly used household items.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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