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Before you decide to simply throw away your old furniture, you may want to consider how it might be put to better use. You could sell it online (think Kijiji or Craigslist) or even have a garage sale, you could donate your old furniture to a better home, like the Salvation Army, or you could put your DIY skills into use by either refinishing a piece of furniture to update its look, or give a piece of furniture an entirely different use by repurposing it.

Repurposing Old Furniture

If you have old furniture simply sitting around collecting dust or furniture that may even be broken, only a little imagination is required to turn your aging pieces into something new and unexpected.

  • Chairs.
  • There are a lot of repurposing options for chairs from decor to storage to even being a planter (replacing the seat with a well-sized pot will give you an easily transportable garden for you to display on your porch, in your backyard, or in your garden).

    If your chair has an ornate wooden back, you can even transform it into a large picture frame.

  • Bookshelves.
  • You can transform your old bookshelf into a bar, displaying your alcohol and drink-wear in a classy way that is easy-accessible and perfect for entertaining guests.

  • Side Tables.
  • You can repurpose old side tables into stools. Paint them to match the décor of the room you plan to use them in and add simply add a cushion as a finishing touch.

  • Vintage Chest.
  • A vintage chest can be transformed into a variety of new pieces. One option is an island for your kitchen. Consider adding a marble top to really complete the look. Alternatively, a chest can also be repurposed into a coffee table. This will provide you with a lot more storage space than a traditional coffee table.

  • Dresser.
  • You can turn this into a planter, filling the drawers with dirt and planting your choice of plants or flowers into it. Placing it along a fence in your backyard adds to the appeal of the area, and having things like vegetables and herbs elevated will prevent animals from ruining them. Alternatively, you could turn it into a bookshelf, an entryway table for keys and mail., a desk, or even a bathroom vanity. The options for reusing your dresser are endless!

  • Secretary Desk.
  • Depending upon the size, a secretary desk can be transformed into a classy linen closet, for all of your towels and sheets. Use your best linens, as these will be on display, while old linens can be housed in the drawers below.

If you have old furniture that is not worth salvaging, contact our team at Junk It! We will have all of your furniture out of your house before you know it.

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