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Wooden spindles are often something you can find lying around the house, or at garage sales and rummage shops. These can be reused and refurbished for DIY projects and craft ideas. Spindles can be used for all types of creations including picture frames, table décor, towel racks, and more.

Reuse Broken Spindles

Spindles usually have beautiful designs and can easily add character to any creation that you decide to work on. The best part about it all is spindles are cheap and can be found nearly anywhere. Whenever you see any broken, used, refurbished, or even new spindles for a great deal, consider picking them up.

Plant Stands

Turning spindles into plant stands is a great way to reuse spindles in a way that can benefit you and your green thumb. To use the spindle as a plant stand, screw it to a flat bottomed base. Add another base to the top of the spindle so that a planter can be set on top of it. Find a place indoors or outdoors to place the stand and set a beautiful planted flower or other form of greenery on top of it.

Picture Frames

To create beautifully decorated picture frames, purchase a plain untouched wooden picture frame from the craft store. Cut the spindles lengthwise so that they have a flat surfaced bottom. Glue them onto the picture frame however you would like. When the glue dries, paint the entire surface of the frame including the spindles. Spray with a clear coat to protect the painted frame.

Tree Hanger

When you have a whole bunch of spindles to be used for a project, consider using them to create a spindle tree that can be used to hang all sorts of different things. Take the spindles and cut them in different lengths. Make the longest one no more than two feet long and then minimize the sizes from there.

Stack the spindles on top of one another, screwing each one into the other. Stack the longest size first and then work your way to the top of the tree using the shortest cut spindle. When you are through, you should have created a tree like shape with the spindles that will allow you to have a beautiful piece of décor that can act as a jewelry stand or serve purpose for another use.

Towel Rack

A towel rack is perhaps the easiest creation to make with a spindle

  • First, cut the spindle down to the desired size
  • Purchase two long screws and metal spacers
  • Screw the spindle into the bathroom wall with the screws and spacers
  • Hang a towel up and your towel rack is ready for use

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