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Failing to get rid of your junk the right way can land you in a hot mess, you know. Canada is a green and pleasant land, and we all have to help keep it that way. No one wants to see mountains of garbage, riddled with reusable and recyclable materials.

Did you know: Don’t throw that smartphone! Internal circuitry and even the shell of your phone can be recycled.

We take a look at a few simple ways to turn ‘trash into cash’*. Actually, there’s a greater and more serious point to this too. So much of what we dispose is in a condition that it can be recycled, repaired or even reused. It greatly helps reduce the damage to the environment and keeps our landfills from piling up.

Call Junk It if you need help with larger items.

*Figure of speech. Please don’t try selling your trash.

1. Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way of cleaning up clutter and earning some cash. Furniture or décor may have lost your fancy, but it’s new for someone else. The best thing about a yard sale – you really think about what can be sold as opposed to being binned. Imagine, you are getting paid for your ‘waste’ and you don’t even need to haul it (just hawk it).

Good for: furniture, decorations, memorabilia, functional appliances

2. Aluminum cans

From Canada Dry to Budweiser, aluminum cans fill up our recycling bins in an unending sea. Not only are they going to be recycled, they’ll be generating someone a profit too. Instead, keep your cans and sell them off at a recycling centre near you. Make it a fortnightly or monthly routine, and watch the drinks pay for themselves (well, somewhat).

Good for: Aluminum cans, such as carbonated drinks, frozen foods

3. Scrap metal and cardboard

Actually, that advice can be applied to scrap metal and cardboard generally. Bicycles, leftover building materials, cardboard boxes and so much more can be sold for cash. What is ‘waste’ is the space in your garage storing all of this unused stuff. For instance, did you know metals such as copper (used in electrical wiring) are actually very valuable commodities? There are businesses thriving on such recycling trade.

Good for: Leftover building material, bicycles, cars, garden equipment, boxes, tools, electrical wiring

4. Habitat For Humanity

Let’s face it, so much of our junk is not actually irreparably damaged or ruined. As pro junk removers, we know that first-hand. Habitat for Humanity is a very laudable cause. Not only will they come to your home to pick up your furniture and appliances, you get a charitable tax receipt too. It may not feel like ‘cash in hand’ but it will make a difference come time to pay your taxes. Find out how much you could save in tax.

Good for: furniture, appliances, building material

5. Kijiji, Facebook, eBay, et al

Such great places to sell stuff you don’t need. One person’s smartphone with broken screen is another’s vaunted parts bin. There are takers for all sorts of stuff on the internet. Old electronics and gadgetry has a lot of collectible value. Help your old cassettes make a hipster feel at home again.

Good for: memorabilia, electronics, vintage gadgetry, furniture (and everything else, too?)

For all the things you can’t make money from, call Junk It to haul it away. We are junk hauling experts. Our customers agree too; how else do you get rated best of HomeStars for nine years!

Our team understands your home is your palace. We tread lightly when cleaning out your junk. Our full list of services is here. And we are trusted junk removal experts for furniture, yard waste, construction leftovers and more. Many of our customers make use of your dumpster and garbage bin rental too, in times of need.

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