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Most of Canada truly experiences four distinct seasons. Braving and enjoying vastly different weather requires a lot of stuff. With our spring rain boots and winter parkas, we tend to own a lot of stuff that is only useful for a few months of the year. Storing these items can present a challenge.

Seasonal Storage

Use these innovate storage tips to help get a handle on your seasonal items:

  1. Vacuum sealing
  2. Putting you bulky winter items such as jackets, sweaters, and bedding into plastic bags and removing the excess air is a great way to save space while you store these items for the winter. There are contraptions made specifically for this sort of thing, and they generally work well. However, you can implement a simple and cheap solution using just a garbage bag and the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

    First, place your clothes in a garbage bag, filling it about two thirds of the way. Next, insert your vacuum’s hose attachment into the bag, and gather the top of the bag around the hose, creating a seal. Finally, turn on the vacuum and watch as the bag shrinks down significantly in size. When the bag stops shrinking, tie it up, and voila!

  3. Use a natural alternative to moth balls
  4. While effective in preventing moths and other pests from attacking your clothes, using mothballs present distinct disadvantages. For one, they can be toxic if ingested. Given their size and shape they can be attractive to pets and children, making them a poison hazard. Naturally, mothballs also tend to give clothes that mothball smell.

    Try a natural alternative to moth balls that will leave your clothes smelling great. The two most popular natural alternatives are lavender and cedar chips. Both contain oils that naturally repel moths. You can hang cedar blocks in your closet, or throw some wood chips in the containers in which you store your seasonal clothes. You can also use sachets of dried lavender in the same way. Of course, the best way to fight off moths without the use of mothballs is to ensure that your clothes are clean and dry before storing them – this is a must!

  5. Use your neighbour’s space
  6. As you probably noticed, we are now living in a ‘sharing economy’. If your home is bursting at the seams, try posting a want ad on an online classified site enquiring if one of your neighbours might have some extra storage space they wouldn’t mind renting you for a small fee. This can be a win-win!

    These days, it can become easy to feel that our stuff owns us, rather than that we own our stuff. These three tips will help you get a handle on your seasonal belongings once and for all – and make you more appreciative of our beautiful Canadian seasons!

Ready to get your junk removed?

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