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The amount of garbage found in landfills across North America is growing exponentially on a daily basis. It’s a process that is creating a significant environmental problem.

Garbage-Free Life

We’re simply throwing away more garbage than ever before, but now there is a new trend to help combat this issue. The garbage-free lifestyle is a growing trend within Canada and many people are now asking the question “Is it possible to live a garbage-free life?”

While it might not be possible to be completely garbage-free, there are ways to avoid creating large amounts of garbage. In this article, we’ll go over several tips to help you do so.

Bring Reusable Bags When Grocery Shopping

Thousands of Canadians still use plastic bags when completing their groceries. You can make a significant difference by simply bringing reusable cloth bags next time you go to the store.

Send Emails Instead of Printing

Many millions of tons of paper are wasted each year. People are still printing directions and then using them in their vehicle, rather than simply inputting the address into a cell phone with a GPS. Think about the actions you can do on your cellphone or computer before creating a hard copy of those documents.

Always Request No Receipt

Each transaction made at a Canadian store or restaurant is followed with a receipt. Canadians can make a difference by asking that their service provider simply doesn’t print their receipt once the transaction is complete.

Switch to Paperless Billing

Many of the leading companies now offer paperless billing. This is a simple process through which Canadians can pay their bills online rather than waiting for a paper copy, which has already saved many tons of paper from being created.

Use Recipes for Leftovers

Those leftover pieces at the end of a meal can still be useful! There are many online companies now offering recipes specifically for leftovers. You can create a delicious soup for work and save your lunch money.

Dry Your Hands on a Cotton Towel

Many people still use paper towels at home when reusable cotton towels can help prevent waste.

Use String and Old Newspapers for Gift Wrapping

You don’t have to purchase new gift wrapping paper for each special occasion. Older magazines and newspapers can be used as wrapping and string can be used instead of tape to further prevent waste. Although once a taboo way to do it, the revival of ‘shabby chic’ has made this a go-to choice for wrapping gifts!

There are many great ways to reduce the amount of garbage you and your family send to landfills each week! To learn more, contact our expert team today.

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