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When you first moved into your current home, you probably loved it. It was likely an empty space, filled with nothing but possibility and hope. How come when you look at it now, you see nothing but wasted space and junk you no longer use? That’s easy. When you live in a place for a while, you accumulate clutter and clutter reduces the living space in your home.

Almost everyone has some furniture, appliances and knick knacks that do nothing but take up space in their home. They haven’t used them in years and they make their home feel cluttered, unorganized and messy. Removing these unwanted items can definitely make your home feel more spacious.

The first step is to determine what you no longer need. If something is worn or damaged and cannot be repaired, it’s probably best to get rid of it. The same can be said for items you haven’t touched in more than a year. For some people tossing these items into the garbage can be a painful experience, but it is one that will make you feel much better about yourself and your home. Would you rather have a pile of old clothes or room to relax in your new spacious den?

Furniture removal and appliance removal are two big steps that can help open up your home. Maybe you’re keeping an old couch with a few holes in it in your basement. Maybe you have a spare refrigerator in the garage that doesn’t work anymore. These things are junk! Get rid of them.

Junk removal services are the easiest way to dispose of unwanted items. You can arrange for a garbage removal company to come to your home and help you with the clean up, or you can rent dumpsters or garbage bins and start filling them yourself. Either way, garbage removal is a great process that will make you love your home once again.

Another great way to clean up your home is to remove the junk from your basement. Many basements are filled with items that can only be classified as garbage. You probably have boxes of old clothes that you can donate and several old newspapers, carpets and small appliances that you can throw away. A good basement clean out can open up all kinds of new spaces within your home. You can finally build the home bar, den or game room you’ve always wanted.

You may also want to look into carpet removal. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, your carpet may be worn, faded and dirty. Replacing the carpet or installing new floors instead will make your living space feel brand new.

There’s just something satisfying about watching your home reveal its true self while dumpsters and garbage bins fill up. You’ll wish you’d done it years ago!

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