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The volume of cell phones and devices that are thrown into the trash each year adds up to a surprising amount, and it’s become a problem for landfills. In addition to taking up a lot of space, there are issues with pollution as the inside of cell phones contain many toxic metals that could affect the local land and water sources.

Old Nokia Phone

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t continue to enjoy the latest gadget. Instead we should consider the options for old cell phones, like the sturdy and once popular phone brand, Nokia.

Checking with Municipal Programs

Many cities will have a cell phone recycling program to both prevent materials such as cadmium, lead, nickel, and lithium from contaminating the environment, and to conserve precious and reusable materials. There are plastics which can be reused in other consumer goods, but you would probably be surprised to discover that silver, gold, and copper line the insides of our cell phones.

There is likely a non-profit organization in your area that will accept your phone donation, as many cell phones can be used to make distress calls, even without a SIM card. Many at-risk individuals can benefit from this service so they can reach out to emergency services in volatile situations.

Finding Creative Ways to Use your Nokia

You can find plenty of articles teaching you how to repurpose an old smartphone, as many of those phones are useful to playing videos and capturing video. The connection to the internet helps with screening video as well as perform other tasks. You may be skeptical about the use of a non-smartphone cellphone because of its relatively primitive technology.

The easiest ways to reuse your phone is the explore the function that come with the phone. There are many applications that you would probably find useful, including a basic calculator, day planner or even video game console, depending on what kind of Nokia you have.

For the craftier bunch, it’s possible to install new applications to exploit your phone’s hardware. Instructions can easily be found online and it doesn’t involve too much detailed knowledge. It’s also possible to salvage parts from the phone for reuse in other electronics. The parts may be behind what’s easily found on the market, but you can save yourself a trip to the store by cracking open your Nokia.

In terms of value, however, you’re not going to find much. Since all Nokia phones were mass-produced, they aren’t rare, making them essentially not worth anything. If you’re not using the device, it’s junk!

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