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What’s the difference between junk and treasure? When does autographed memorabilia lose its value? In the case of OJ Simpson, he was once a hot media topic but now has gone into the vault of burnt out celebrities. Not to mention the fact that any resemblance of a career revival was eliminated when he found himself behind bars- again.

OJ Simpson Autographed Memorabilia

Would an OJ Simpson autograph still be worth anything? We did a bit of investigating.

OJ Simpson, a retired American football player, was known for his talented sportsmanship, his charming personality, and his acting ability. He was in the made-for-TV mini-series Roots as well as a few various other comedies and dramas.

He became even more famous after he was taken to court for the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994 and found not guilty. This court case was covered by all major news broadcasters, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, and even parodied on shows like Seinfeld.

Though the murder happened more than 20 years ago, it’s still a topic of conversation and most people can remember it quite clearly. After Nicole Brown Simpson was killed, her sister Denise started the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation to help support victims of domestic abuse.

Since his internationally publicized trial (known as “the trial of the century”) he has been charged with kidnapping and armed robbery and remains incarcerated in Nevada.

Robert Kardashian, father of the famous Kardashian sisters (and their brother Rob), was one of his defense lawyers and made most of his fame and money off of Simpson’s memorable court case.

To this day, the Kardashians remain heavy hands in the media and may not have been were it not for Simpson’s trial. But does that mean that his autograph is still worth money?

Upon careful comparison, it is obvious that OJ Simpson is still considered a celebrity and his John Hancock is still valuable.

Small memorabilia like a signed trading card could go for as little as $20, while something bigger like a football or a helmet is valued at over $900. Comparatively, a signed helmet by Eli Manning would go for about $600.

While Simpson isn’t playing ball anymore (not that he could, being confined to prison and all), he is still valuable as a media magnate and remains blessed with the Midas touch. Anything he’s signed can be traded for a significant chunk of change, so don’t even think about throwing it out.

Verdict: Not Junk.

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