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Old Nintendo games are one of the most common things found in homes. Homeowners in the process of junk removal inevitably come across game cartridges without being sure what to do with them. Are old Nintendo games junk or not junk?

Old Nintendo Games

It turns out that some Nintendo games can be quite valuable, fetching high prices from avid collectors. If you’re wondering whether or not to throw out your old Nintendo games, the following will help you decide whether to keep it or toss it as junk.

Nintendo Then and Now

The video game industry has evolved over the years. Not only has the nature of popular video games changed, but the quality of graphics and storylines continues to improve as technology advances.

Nintendo has been a gaming industry leader for years. Its Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was one of the most popular gaming systems in the world. The company also transformed the industry by allowing developers to design games through a third-party license.

Originally an 8-bit console, the NES led the way for other manufacturers and video game designers to revolutionize the gaming experience.

Which Games Matter?

When it comes to the value of old video games, a select few have been known to command a very high price. For a variety of reasons, certain games have become highly sought after, and collectors are always on the lookout for these treasures.

Games such as Stadium Events and Nintendo World Championships Gold have been sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Many of these high-value video games had a limited release, while others commemorated an event such as the Nintendo’s World Championships.

Nintendo World Championships Gold, for example, was manufactured and distributed at its 1990 World Championships event. It’s cartridge is gold, making it an even more unique collectable among gaming enthusiasts and collectors.

The more valuable Nintendo games be can seen on eBay, and can sell quite well. But for the most part, you might have a hard time fetching anything worth your while for many of your old games.

Junk or Not Junk?

Games that were not limited in release generally have little value. For Toronto residents, getting rid of old games is a good idea if you no longer use them or have a console that works with them.

Setting them aside for junk removal will clear out much needed space. In addition, the games can be donated, increasing the likelihood that others can enjoy them.

But the new generation of gamers has higher standards. The design of today’s games has developed rapidly. This has resulted in a higher level of sophistication regarding graphics and story lines. Old Nintendo games can be a novelty for some, but for others they simply don’t measure up, and are better off being thrown out.

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