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Having a party should be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and it usually is, but the post-party clean-up can be a nightmare.

Party Clean-Up

No one wants to pick up after others, especially after a long night of drinking and dancing. There are, however, a few helpful tricks on how to eliminate the after party headache when a painkiller just won’t do the trick!

Here are some ways to help make your party clean-up a little bit easier:

Easy Access

Your job as host will be much simpler if your guests clean up their own mess. The best way to do that is to make it easy for them to throw out their own trash.

Set up multiple garbage cans around your house so they don’t have to hunt to find a place to put their trash. Alternatively, set up table where they can piles up cups, plates, and bottles.

Clean As You Go

Take the time every hour or so to do a full sweep of the house, empty the garbage bins, and clean up any rogue trash. Clean as you go and maybe a guest will help you out doing the same. Every little bit will make a difference in how much work you have to do the next day. Collect any recycling and take it out as you’re doing the rounds. This will keep the mess level to a minimum all night long.

Paper Plates

The worst part about clean-up is doing a mass amount of dishes or cleaning up piles of broken glass.

Accidents do happen and if you’re thinking about hosting a party, keep in mind that some dishes might not survive the night.

Plastic cups are ideal for a party and you can colour-coat them for different drinks. Red cups could be designated beer glasses while blue cups could be for non-alcoholic beverages. Try purchasing a pack of bio-degradable paper plates for easy clean-up with a green accent.


Have your guests write their names on the cups or make labels for their drinks to avoid having them use multiple cups. Less trash produced means less work for you to have to do in the morning, so try to keep that in mind as you’re playing host. Also, less plastic is much better for the environment, so you’re doing your part to help keep our planet green.

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