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When your children go away to college, you’re left with mixed emotions. You may be incredibly proud as they move into the next phase of their life, while also wondering what to do with the things they’ve left behind.

Redecorating Child’s Room

But you’re also left with an empty nest, and figuring out what to do with your child’s room can be an opportunity to give your house a fresh new space!

Knowing how to redecorate your child’s room while they’re away at college will ensure that you make the most of the space, and provide them with a comfortable room to come back to during their holiday visits.

What’s Left Behind?

If you want to redecorate your child’s room, you’ll need to sort through all the items that have been left behind. This includes old furniture, clothes, and books they no longer need. The first step is to get it all out!

By removing the items from the room, you’ll be able to sort through and figure out what’s junk and what’s not junk. If you know an item will never be used again, consider throwing it in the trash or donating it. Junk removal services in Toronto provide a quick and easy way for you to get your unwanted items where they need to be.

Be sure to tell your children that you’ll be getting rid of things, so that you keep items that they still want and treasure. Otherwise, be relentless as you put useless items in the junk removal pile.

What to get rid of

The items that most parents end up throwing out include old t-shirts and sports uniforms, posters, and comic books. Getting rid of books they no longer need will also provide you the opportunity to get rid of bookshelves, creating some much needed space in your home.

How to Redecorate

Since it’s no longer your child’s primary residence, you have freedom to decorate however you like! Just don’t forget that your child will be coming back on holidays- Whatever you choose to do with the room, be sure leave space for a foldout bed in case it’s needed.

Some parents take the opportunity to repurpose a bedroom into an office or studio. Another great option is to transform it into a home gym. By investing in some relatively inexpensive equipment, you can save the time and expense of going to a gym.

Gaming rooms are also a great option for redecorating an empty room. This can be a great way to welcome your college student who needs a break from academic studies!

Redecorating your child’s room while they’re away at college can help make the transition easier for you. You can give your home a new addition, while updating the space for when they return. Getting rid of the junk left behind will help transform your home and reclaim some space for you to use!

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