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Renting a dumpster for all of the debris generated during a roofing project, including old shingles, minimizes the risk of any hazardous material lying around your work site, which could potentially be a danger to you, your coworkers or your employer. Not only that, but it makes one of your final tasks of cleaning up much easier as well. It is also more likely that these materials will be recycled instead of going straight into a landfill.

Dumpster For Roofing Renos

Here is everything you need to know about renting a dumpster to be used for roofing:

  • Do Not Overestimate the Weight of your Shingles.
    Generally, you will be disposing of one of two types of shingles: 3 tab shingles, which are common in many homes and very light weight, or architectural shingles, which are generally more expensive and much heavier. Be mindful when disposing of architectural shingles as the weight of them can quickly add up and can lead to an additional fee for going over your weight limit.

    For reference, 3-tab shingles weigh about 250lbs per square, whereas architectural shingles weigh about 400lbs per square. Of course, when in doubt, always select the biggest dumpster bin so you can avoid this fee.

  • Ensure Your Dumpster Rental Accepts Your Materials Beforehand.
    The majority of dumpster rentals will accept most roofing materials, including shingles, tile, wooden shingles, tar, and polyurethane. However, always get an approved list of acceptable materials before renting so that you can avoid any associated fees for disposing of unapproved materials.
  • Know Exactly How Many Squares of Shingles You Have to Dispose Of.
  • There is something to say for the ‘when in doubt, rent bigger,’ mentality, but knowing how many squares of shingles you’re dealing with will allow you to save money by renting only the size you know you need. Ensure that you also know how many existing layers of shingles are on your roof to get a more accurate estimation.

  • Consider Making a Deal with a Dumpster Rental Company.
    If you are a roofer, you might want to consider asking a dumpster rental company to give you a deal in exchange for regularly doing business with them. This is an excellent way to reduce the cost of your junk removal bin.

If you are looking for an easy way to dispose of all of the debris during your next roofing job, consider renting a junk removal bin. It is an affordable, easy and quick way to get rid of it all. Contact us at Junk It today for more.

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