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Tired of looking at your concrete jungle? Here are a couple of trends that might get you inspired.

Garden Retreat

Stress is a fact of life and your garden can be one place where you can go to take a breath and recharge your batteries. Incorporating elements that soothe your senses can make a huge difference. Add a small featured waterfall (or a large one!) or a pond with some fish to get the calming effects of water of trickling water. Soft wind chimes can also give of a feeling of being away at the cottage or by the beach and adding plants that give of soft aromas can appeal to your sense of smell. When choosing plants be sure to add some that attract birds and butterflies so you can enjoy spotting different kinds of species. At night, be sure to have lots of soft lights and candles. These all put together can help create a space of peace and tranquility.

Edible and Ornamental

Having a good looking garden is just as important as having a great tasting garden. Integrating plants that are both ornamental and edible is a trend for this summer! Add sections of herbs, fruits and even veggies in your garden that you can add to meals for when you have visitors over. Your meal will be complimented all night long and your garden will be a hit!  These types of gardens are especially popular with children who love to  run around filling their baskets with fresh produce and willingly help water in hopes of returning to some more!

Colour Boom

Colour is back in the fashion industry and that includes gardens! Bursts of colour everywhere from fun multi-coloured pillows, to napkins and place mats to flowers are in. Don’t think of colour matching this year, just think masses of colour. The more colour the better! Hydrangeas, roses and shrubs that give high impact colours are perfect for planting everywhere. The goal is to have nonstop colour bursts from spring to fall.

These few trends can definitely spice up your garden and add a bit of excitement and tranquility. You can even combine all three into one lavish backyard! Be sure to give JuNK iT! a call if you need a dumpster rental to get rid of any garden debris. Call today at 416.531.5865 or book online today at /book_online.php.

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