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One of the most famous and loved toys is the Easy Bake oven. It has been on the market for over 50 years and has been a part of the lives of generations of children.

Easy Bake Oven


If you’ve got an Easy Bake Oven you’d like to get rid of, but aren’t sure if it belongs in your junk removal pile or in your home, the following information will help you make the right choice.

The Easy Bake Oven

The Easy Bake oven first appeared in 1963. It was originally manufactured by the Kenner toy company, and is currently a product of Hasbro. The oven has evolved over the years as a result of technological advances, leading to a number of existing models.

The oven used an incandescent bulb as a heat source in its original model. It includes pans and a cake mix used to give children their first experience with baking. Over 16 million units were sold by the year 1997, making it one of the most popular toys in history.

Although its original design resembled a conventional oven, newer models resemble today’s microwave ovens.

Safety Issues

The Easy Bake oven has had its share of problems with defects. A recall was put in place in 2007 as a result of an issue causing children to get their hands and fingers stuck in the opening compartment.

In addition, serious burns were reported, raising the concerns of both Hasbro and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The result was a recall of just under 1 million units. All Easy Bake ovens that were sold from May 2006 are included in the recall.

Junk or Not Junk?

As beloved as the Easy Bake oven is for generations of children, vintage units generally sell for anywhere between $16 and $26 CAD. This is not a significant increase from its original price, and therefore makes it unlikely that you’ll want to keep it around.

Toronto junk removal services see a wide range of toys make their way out of homes. If you have an Easy Bake oven, you’ve likely used it, and the unit might show some wear and tear. This is all the more reason to put it in the junk pile.

Although there are sources available where you can find manuals and parts for vintage models, only ovens that are in their original package have been able to demand higher prices on eBay and other places. In that case you might want to keep it for your own personal use if you still can’t bear to part with it.

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