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Moving house and need to throw out junk? Starting a remodel? Need to rid evidence of your failed DIY endeavours before your better half puts them on FML?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above (or have reasons other than those) read on. Garbage bin rental is about the easiest and most cost effective way for you to get rid of all your waste. And it’s a no-holds-barred affair; throw whatever you want.* Whether it’s yard waste, renovation material, mattresses or hipster furniture, we aren’t here to judge (empathize, probably). Keep reading and find out about the different sizes of garbage bins.

*Mostly. (Our lawyers made us asterisk that)

Mini – but mighty

Our smallest dumpster, ‘Mini’, is a great option if you are constrained for space. Mini but mighty, we like to say. It’s a lot more disposal space than your average black and blue bins. For small home renovations (or those DIY projects that your partner keeps giving you the stink eye for) and landscaping jobs this is a great option. It’s garbage bin rental that’s ideal for spring cleaning small homes/condos, for yard waste and even small renovation projects.

The lowdown

  • 5 cubic yards of space
  • Low loading height
  • Great for dirt, soil, household rubbish, DIY projects that were just not meant to be


Small – Goldilocks size

We like to think of our ‘Small’ dumpster as the Goldilocks dumpster. Not too big, not too small. This dumpster must be just right – why else would it be one of our most popular garbage bin rental. At this size it is still very easy to manoeuvre into tight spaces (think driveways, back alleys). But it’s capacious enough to take on roofing projects, home renovations, and thorough home clean-ups.

The lowdown

  • 10 cubic yards of space
  • Easy to manoeuvre, loading height
  • Great for shingles and roofing material, drywall, plaster, construction waste, yard waste, carpets, mattresses


Medium – Now we’re talkin’

This is a spacious dumpster which can take on the mess from large, multi-room renovations, large home remodelling projects, and entire roof replacements. Of course, you can throw away yard waste or any other household garbage. And, yes, it’s big enough to haul away the retro couch that looked so good in the antique store that you just had to pick it up.

The lowdown

  • 15 cubic yards of space
  • Big enough for oblique items, still easy to access
  • Great for renovation and demotion waste, construction material, impressively thorough house cleanouts


Large – No job too large

This is the perfect size for large residential and commercial cleanouts. Got an Everest size clean-up on your hands? This is the garbage bin rental you should go for. If you like to hoard (and we mean really hoard) this is the dumpster for you. Large furniture, crockery, mattresses, even disused appliances – it’ll swallow them all.

The lowdown

  • 20 cubic yards of space
  • Easily accessible with large doors
  • Great for appliances, furniture, estate cleanouts, large renovation and remodelling waste


Not sure about garbage bin rental?

Does the following sound appealing to you:

  • Spending a day hauling garbage and recycling to the Drop-off Depot in your city, risking life, limb and sanity?
  • Running through the convoluted process of weighing, throwing, weighing, throwing, arguing, paying, feeling cheated at the Drop-off Depot?

That was rhetorical. Of course it doesn’t. Get garbage bin rental and let us do the heavy lifting instead.

Junk It makes garbage bin rental a very simple and convenient affair. When you fill out an easy-to-understand form on our website or get in touch with our team, you can choose drop-off and pick-up dates, select exactly the container you want and get transparent pricing.

We will come and park your container where you want it and pick it up on the day of your choosing. In fact, you don’t even need to be home. Call us today at 1-866-JUNK-IT to find out more or get started here.

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