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The Barbie doll is one of the most famous toys ever released on the market. The doll has played a major role in the lives of young girls around the world. So it’s not surprising that those in the process of home junk removal in Toronto have come across a large number of Barbie dolls.

Over time, Mattel has released a number of variations on the doll, giving collectors plenty of additions that they are constantly looking out for. Although vintage Barbie dolls are usually the most valuable, others that had a significant impact upon their release have also become popular among collectors.

Teen Talk Barbie

The Mattel toy company released its Teen Talk Barbie in 1992. The doll was just the latest in an ever-changing line of Barbie dolls designed to appeal to various interests and demographics.

Teen Talk Barbie was notable in its ability to speak a number of phrases including:

  • “Wanna have a pizza party?
  • “I love shopping!”
  • “Math class is tough”

That last phrase is particularly important, as it led to a backlash from the American Association of University women. They felt that a doll marketed to young girls shouldn’t be telling them that math is difficult.

The doll was designed to speak 4 out of 270 phrases, making each doll even more unique. As a result, only a small number included the “math class is tough” phrase.

Mattel decided that it would no longer produce Teen Talk Barbies that included the phrase, and offered to exchange the doll for anyone who had purchased one. The company admitted their mistake in an attempt to recover their image from the PR blunder.

Looking for Teen Talk Barbie

But how much are collectors willing to pay for a Teen Talk Barbie? There are many being sold on eBay from anywhere between $15 and $100. However, the doll that speaks the infamous phrase has been seen on eBay for approximately $500.

Whether or not it will sell is anyone’s guess. But it does indicate that people are looking for this particular model.

Is Yours Junk?

As you might expect, the rarity of the doll and the events surrounding its release have made it somewhat of a collectible among die-hard Barbie enthusiasts. But the fact is, there was a large number of Teen Talk Barbies produced.

Yet only one bears any real significance to collectors. If your Teen Talk Barbie doll says, “Math class is tough”, and if it’s still in the original packaging in and in excellent condition, you may find someone willing to take it off your hands at a good price.

But there is little likelihood that yours meets all of these requirements. In that case, don’t bother hanging on to it. It’s better off heading out the door with the rest of your junk.

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