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The use of dumpster bags is one method of getting rid of excess trash or junk from your home. While a lot of homeowners are under the impression that this is the best way to dispose of junk because of their seeming convenience and cost-effectiveness, there are a number of problems with dumpster bags that you should be aware of.

Dumpster Bags

  • Dumpster Bags Have Additional Fees.
    Dumpster bags do not simply involve a one time payment as junk removal bins often do. Instead, dumpster bags have a hefty additional pick-up fee that can vary depending upon your location.
  • Dumpster Bags Are Not Ideal for Big Projects.
    These bags cannot accommodate a lot of junk that might have been generated from home renovations or a big clean-out. In fact, most waste companies will refuse to pick up dumpster bags if they are too heavy, leading to both a waste of money and time. Junk bins, however, are big enough to support a wide range of projects. Moreover, you can also select a junk removal bin based on the size you think you will need.
  • Dumpster Bags Can’t Support Heavy Materials.
    They can’t support heavy materials, like brick, concrete or asphalt that might be generated from home renovations. This makes them unsturdy and potentially unsafe. Junk removal bins are built to accompany heavy material in a safe way. In fact, most junk removal bins will accept any type of material.
  • Dumpster Bags Take Up A lot of Space.
    Dumpster bags take up a lot of space and generally have to be placed on the street or on the front lawn to accommodate them. This is not an attractive prospect, especially for your neighbours. Dumpster removal bins, however, take up a small space and can simply be stored in your driveway.
  • Dumpster Bags Have Slow Pick-Up.
    Dumpster bags aren’t always collected in a timely manner – in fact, in some cases it can take up to two weeks before dumpster bags are collected. Other times, a company that rents dumpster bags might not even service your area, which means you will be left to dispose of your trash yourself. Luckily, these types of problems will not be encountered when renting a junk removal bin. They are delivered and picked up quickly. In fact, a lot of companies will arrive to your house within 24-48 hours.

If you are looking to dispose of a lot of junk, consider renting a junk removal bin. It is an affordable, easy and quick way to get rid of your excess junk. Contact us at Junk It! today for more information.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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