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Usually we don’t really think twice when it comes to what we throw away, but when you’re in charge of dealing with the rubbish at your company or at an event, trash disposal becomes an important responsibility.

Junk Bins

So what are some of the unexpected times you’ll need a junk removal bin?

Happily ever after — except for the garbage

The devil is in the details, and weddings are all about getting the little things right. Consider how much planning goes into holding a wedding:

  • Flowers
  • Place settings
  • Food
  • Table dressings
  • Wedding favours
  • Photo booths
  • Ambiance décor

All those things have to be perfect and in place during the ceremony and reception, but after all the fun’s been had where do these items go? Instead of paying a hefty cleanup fee from your venue or have to deal with the trash after the ceremony and reception, rent a junk removal bin to toss everything into at once. You’ll save and money so you can concentrate on enjoying your day!

Luckily for those concerned with discretion, there are smaller bins available for rent.

Company picnics

A company picnic can mean feeding dozens or even hundreds of employees and their families. The food that’s being eaten likely comes along with an excess of trash, meaning hotdog bags and burger patty boxes will need to be thrown out by the end of the day. Forks, knives, spoons, napkins, disposable cups and plates all go in the garbage as well, along with any half-eaten food.

Unlike a wedding reception, you won’t have to worry about stowing the container away discretely because it won’t fit in at the wedding. A large container will do for all the trash!

Summer family reunions and graduation parties

Whether your family member is in high school or university, most graduations occur in the spring or summer. These parties may be very fancy, with high-end gifts and alcohol at the event, while others are more low-key. Whether you’re renting photo booths, chocolate fountains, or any other party feature, there will be trash leftover from its use.

On the same hand, family reunions can come with dancing, photos, and even gifts, but the good thing is you’ll have lots of people to help with the cleanup. Rent a trash bin to speed things up so you can go back to the conversation sooner!

Even something like a neighbourhood yard sale will have lots of trash accumulated at the end due to unsold goods, regardless of how successful it might be. This makes sense because it’s basically a number of families clearing out the unwanted clutter from their homes. Be prepared, and call Junk It! to have a container ready for the neighbourhood trash!

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