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Not only will a dust-free home make your house visibly more attractive, but minimizing the dust will also improve the air quality and lead to improved health. After all, dust is made up of dirt, dead skin cells and mold spores. It is also beneficial to reduce dust as much as possible for those with allergies and asthma as doing so can readily improve quality of life. Keeping dust to a minimum will also extend the life of furniture and electronics. Here are some tips to help you keep your home as dust free as possible.

Keeping A Dust-Free Home

  1. Mop your Floors with Water. Using water to mop your floors can cut down on 90 per cent of the dust in your home. This is a very quick and eco-friendly way to drastically cut down on dust.
  2. Use Doormats. Doormats, particularly those with bristle tops, will stop dirt from travelling any further by trapping the dirt particles in its bristles. Since dirt is a major part of dust, placing a doormat outside your home as well as inside will reduce a lot of dust in your home. Ensure that you wash them on a regular basis.
  3. Vacuum Regularly. Vacuum at least once a week to minimize dust. Consider getting a vacuum with a HEPA filter and ensure that you change the vacuum bags regularly.
  4. Replace Duster with a Microfibre Cloth. Instead of simply pushing dust around through the use of a duster, try using a microfibre cloth – it is much more effective at collecting dust.
  5. Vacuum Your Curtains and Lampshades. These are commonly neglected when it comes to vacuuming but they shouldn’t be missed if you want to cut down dust levels.
  6. Install A Humidifier and/or Air Purifier. Static electricity, which tends to build up in dry rooms, draws in a lot of dust. To counter this dryness, get yourself a humidifier. Your house should be at a level of 40 to 50 per cent to reduce static electricity. An air purifier can also help to capture dust particles.
  7. Change Your Air Filters. Change the air filters on your heating and air conditioning system at least once per month to cut down on dust.
  8. Keep Your Windows Closed. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your windows shut will actually reduce dust in your home as dust has a tendency to enter through windows via pollen and mold spores.
  9. Get Rid of your Carpet. Carpets attract dust on a large scale only to disperse through the air every time the carpet is walked on. Replace your carpets with hardwood, stone or vinyl.
  10. Wash Your Pillows. Despite washing your pillowcases every week, your pillows are still likely to harbour a lot of dust mites. Wash your pillows with mild detergent on a semi-regular basis to reduce the dust in your bedroom.
  11. Get Rid of Clutter. Clutter tends to attract a lot of dust. Get rid of it to banish the dust.

In order to keep your home dust free, it is important to not have a lot of junk lying around. Consider renting a dumpster-removal bin or have our team get rid of it on your behalf. Contact our team at Junk It! today for more.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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