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Top Recyclers In Canada

The world is overwhelmed by waste. A number of countries are struggling with the amount of garbage that is accumulating. Many among them are yet to design a structured recycling mechanism to get rid of junk. This is costing planet Earth her resources.

In Canada alone, food waste and residue worth close to $30 billion, end up in landfills each year. On a positive note, recycled materials, such as paper, reduce air pollution by 74% and water pollution by 35%. With nearly 55 million plastic bags taken home each week, which would take, at the minimum, 400 billion years to break down in landfills, recycling should be a mandatory practice in Canadian households.

The Government of Canada, more than any private agency, is strongly involved in waste management. Hence, it should be of no surprise that some of the top recyclers in Canada are provincial waste management authorities. Here is a list of 5 recycling services and the value propositions provided by them.

Ontario Recycling Authority

Waste-free Ontario is the authority’s motto and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in landfills is one of its primary concerns. The provincial establishment has a 15-step action plan to enhance cities’ circular economy.

The Ontario Recycling Authority trusts companies with the onus of managing the environmental and financial ramifications of their products and packaging. This may include electrical and electronic waste, clothes, carpets and furniture.

One of the key ideas of the authority is banning food waste, beverage containers, fluorescent bulbs and tubes and working with organizations to reroute waste from landfills. The province is keen on investing in eco-friendly waste management initiatives and creative strategies by which individuals can take ownership of recycling household garbage.

Online Plastic Recycling Marketplaces

The Association of Plastics recyclers is an international plastics trade association, which has many independent plastic recycling companies as its members. The union is focused on providing industrial solutions for plastics recycling, specifically, post-consumer plastics packaging.

The association is involved in plastics recycling at all levels, from developing protocols for the design of recyclable plastic packaging, testing and promoting such packaging and rewarding and recognizing green packaging designs.

A similar organization is ‘Plastics Markets’, which is an online platform, maintained by the recycling authority of USA and Canada, where non-consumer buyers and sellers of plastic scrap can connect with each other.

Vikoz Enterprises Incorporated is another online, full-service plastics recycling enterprise that picks up plastic from homes and pays for scrap, based on quantity, location and type.

Waste Management Canada

An end-to-end waste disposal service, Waste Management carefully discerns recyclable content in the garbage. The agency then separates recyclable material and claims to “recover valuable resources to create clean renewable energy”.

Their website provides a location-based service to identify some of the temporary/ recurring services they provide, making it simpler for residents to avail them. However, they are yet to expand their operations to many locations.

Junk It

Junk It is a Canada-wide junk removal service. One of the core values of Junk It is to recycle compatible material from waste. The company also makes plenty of charitable donations from the material collected as appropriate, working with partner non-profits. Junk It also offers a transparent fee estimate and bins of all sizes for those who prefer ‘do-it-yourself’ junk-removal.

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