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We’re all looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and, for some of us, thrifty at the same time. Upcycling takes low priced but quality furniture and modernizes it so that it’s both functional and beautiful.

While some old furniture belongs nowhere else but in your junk removal bin, some of it simply needs a little TLC to bring a new look to your home.

Re-upholstering the smart way

Redoing the fabric on large furniture is usually cumbersome and may require heavy lifting. That’s why we thought it was a great idea to upcycle a far more manageable piece of furniture: a wing chair! In the wing chair pictured, the sides were also repainted, which needs to be done before applying the fabric.

Tip: Designers usually take into consideration how well patterns fit onto the object. Fabrics with small, repeating designs, such as small polka dots, can fit on any piece of furniture. The larger the print, the taller the furnishing should be.

Re-upholstering In A Smart Way

Add some personality to your dresser

This upcycle doesn’t start with worn furniture, but instead off-the shelf clothing dressers that are usually affordable. Many people prefer that sleek, minimalist trend that is usually monochromatic or at least close in colour. Because we’re using new furniture, you won’t need to redo the entire piece of furniture if you choose not to. One or two small cans of paint should be enough to add a pattern you like or fill up a side with your favourite colour.

You may want to sand down the face that you’re painting to help the paint last. Also, for patterns that are geometric, masking tape or painters tape can be very helpful. If you want more variation or a more natural appearance, consider using a stain instead; however be warned that you may have to go over the stained area more than once for a deeper, more vibrant colour.

Redesigning Shelf Table

Repurposing the entertainment console

With more and more of our media becoming digital, needing huge entertainment consoles to store our library of movies and games is becoming less necessary.

We love this next project for being so ambitious, but that also means you’ll need to set aside the appropriate amount of time if you attempt this at home. This project turns the console into an entryway organizer, so remove the doors and hinges such that each unit is easily accessible.

You can also add hooks into the side of the console for children’s clothing and bags. The shelves are great for shoes, so consider adding bins that can slide in and out whenever you need to grab what’s inside.

Repurposing Entertainment Console

Upcycling doesn’t have to take a lot of time, it just takes a little bit of creativity!

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