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Ways to Avoid Illegal Dumping

When was the last time you saw household waste being dumped in the bushes outside? This could be quite common in the rural areas of Canada. Corporate or construction waste sometimes finds itself amongst the grass and trees. Many residents have the misconception that leaving their old vehicles or yard waste in public areas is acceptable.

A combination of irreverence for the scenic Canadian outdoors and indifference to the consequences has lead illegal dumping to become a common practice among few. The act has effects that go beyond just being hard on the eye. The long-standing disadvantages of illegal dumping far outweigh the time and energy saved by what people think is a quick fix.

Batteries, acid bottles or half-empty paint containers can penetrate soils and mix with groundwater, creating a toxic environment. Radioactive emissions from such items can have a drastic impact on the resources around us. Furthermore, illegal dumping ruins the touristic value of a country known for its natural heritage.

Ways to Avoid Illegal Dumping

Undeniably, illegal dumping is pernicious, to health, wellbeing and the environment. How can we prevent this? Here are a few ideas:

Careful Monitoring

The municipal authorities can act as the watchdogs of a cleaner habitat by assigning surveillance duties to individuals. As a joint effort by officials as well as the members of a community, this can help keep illegal dumpers at bay.

A number to call, such as a 24-hour hotline, can be established to help report offenders. Many Canadian counties, such as the Thompson Nicola Regional District, already have such a service in operation.

Regular Clean-ups

Illegal dumping would not be the first time people have come together for the greater good, and it won’t be the last. An enthusiastic group of 300 activists, in British Columbia, have already made this happen. Communities everywhere need to be more proactive in protecting their own landscape. There are plenty of ways to create such groups, be it through social networking or volunteering associations. Initiatives like ‘Take Pride, Winnipeg’ are a case in point.

Awareness & Education

There have been incidents where lawbreakers were noticed tying tarpaulins, filled with waste, to trees. Few have even lined up their vehicles behind trucks to avoid being identified.

Canada could not have made it easier for residents to get rid of waste. Bin segregation, meticulously-planned garbage pickup by government agencies and rebates for efficient debris disposal are initiatives that help foster the green culture of Canada.

The simplest things individuals can do is be wary of the concerned rules and implement them accordingly. Publicly-organized events can further this awareness.

Constant Vigilance

Occupants can keep their property free of illegal waste dumping by installing fences, surveillance cameras and even alarms that signal when there is movement. These are common security measures that can be extended to keep the surroundings of properties clean.

The penalties for illegal dumping can be fines amounting up to $150,000 and, even, imprisonment. Call Junk It today to receive a free estimate and get your garbaged cleaned & help for junk removal without having to lift a finger.

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