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We all had a favourite toy or collection of toys as a child that were our ultimate favourites.

Unused Toys

We dragged them between friends’ houses, on trips to see Grandma, and tucked them in with us at night. As we grew the likes of Cabbage Patch, My Little Pony, and GI Joe became fond memories that existed only in our minds—but the real items had to go somewhere as well.

Moms and Dads unite as we tell you some great ways to store, save, or ditch your kids’ toys as they grow out of them!

• Save & Store

This has to be a selective process. Choose a few items that are either in great shape and you can see in play for future generations, or items that had extreme sentimental value to your child that they will one day marvel in unpacking that box.

Allot yourself one box per child and fill it with only the top picks. Children can be involved in this process too.

• Hand it down

It’s always nice save yourself or friends a little money when it comes to toys that are durable, easy to clean, and age appropriate by passing them down to your next child of a friend or family member.

Make sure they are safe and clean before sharing the joy.

• Donate it!

Charities such as Salvation Army and Goodwill are happy to take toys that are in good shape that they can pass on to those in need, or resale in their thrift shop.

Either way you are bringing happiness into a home that may not have had it otherwise!

• Hospital Drop

Phone around for medical facilities that accept used toys and games for their younger patients and visitors to enjoy while in hospital.

Be sure to check on health regulations and cleaning standards before dropping off anything!

• Daycare Centres

Most daycare centres are underfunded and rely on toy donations to help fill their centre’s toy boxes. They are in need of newer items regularly with the amount of use these toys get daily.

• Shelter Share

Another great place to bring your toys is Women’s shelters and children’s homes. Toys are often not budgeted for and your donations can fill a niche often overlooked.

• Church Groups

Sunday schools see school age children each week and your donation of gently used toys and books can help kids learn and play. Call your local organizations to see what’s in highest demand.

• Junk It!

For toys that don’t make the cut for any of the above places, call a local junk removal company and get rid of the unused toys.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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