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Toys have a strange way of getting lost in the depths of storage spaces. They can accumulate over years as your child goes from one toy to the next. McDonald’s toys are no exception.

McDonalds Toys

If you’re child is a fan of McDonald’s Happy Meals, then you’ve probably collected a fair number of toys along the way. These are usually small in size, and can get put away in places where they won’t see the light of day for years.

Believe it or not, many of these toys can be valuable to collectors. But how do you know which McDonalds toys are junk and which aren’t?

McDonald’s Toys

The McDonald’s Happy Meal has been a staple among kids since it first appeared in 1979. The meal consists of a variety of food items, and traditionally includes a toy.

In recent years, toys have been packaged as part of marketing campaigns for popular films or TV shows.

Clearing Out the Little Stuff

The problem with small toys included in Happy Meals is that you can quickly find yourself building up a collection over time. As children get bored, they quickly move on to the next toy.

These small items usually end up in storage and don’t reappear until you’re in the process of a big junk removal project. Many homeowners are amazed at how many of these can turn up.

In throwing things out for junk removal, Toronto residents sometimes wonder what toys are worth keeping. But getting rid of this junk is a great opportunity to clear out much needed space for your home. This will help you organize your life and increase the level of comfort for you and your family.

Toy Junk?

It’s no surprise that many McDonald’s toys are popular among collectors. Items such as the Teeny Beanie Babies quickly became popular among collectors, who could often resell them for a higher price.

Any McDonald’s toy that still has any redeeming value will only do so if it is unopened. This is highly unlikely for most parents whose children quickly ripped into the toy once they got their hands on it.

A number of resources do exist such as price guidebooks and online forums, where you can easily gauge how much a particular toy is worth.

Specialty publications also exist and using sites like eBay will give you an idea of what people are selling and for how much.

But the likelihood that your McDonald’s toys are junk is pretty high. For the sake of clearing out the junk from your home, and reclaiming your space, McDonald’s toys should go right to the junk pile.

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