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Pogs are junk, by and large, and it’s very unlikely that any of your Pogs are collector’s items worth enough money to make sifting through them worthwhile.

Pog Collection


If you have a lot of free time, it could be worth it to post your Pogs for sale in bulk, and at least make a few bucks off them. If time is an issue for you, you should just put them in a pile for junk removal.

Pogs: What Happened?

Pogs’s value was built entirely on hype. They were sold deliberately as collector’s items, both to increase their sales and to make the process of winning and losing Pogs more exciting.

Schoolyards were more interesting places when kids thought that they were losing dollars instead of cents with each slammer toss.

Even at the time, most collectors only bought Pogs in the hope that they would someday be a beloved children’s toy, bought up by the nostalgia crowd. The Pog market, though, was too saturated: many different companies joined in, making it impossible for nostalgic adults to pin down any one design or brand from their childhood.

Even worse, the quality of graphics on Pogs tended to be very low, lessening their appeal as display items.

What to Do with Pogs

Complete sets, especially sets inspired by 90s pop culture, might sell for a decent amount. For example, a full set of Pogs advertising the cult Super Nintendo hit Earthbound recently sold for $200.

If you made a point of putting together such a set in the 90s, you might as well put it on eBay. If you just have an uncategorized Pogs collection, though, the odds of having such a set are so low as to not really be worth your time.

The remaining market for Pogs is driven by Pog players and a few die-hard speculators. These people tend not to hunt down rare Pogs, but instead buy large numbers of Pogs in bulk. Depending on the condition of your Pogs, they tend to sell for around $5 a pound. Branded Pogs, like Disney or X-men Pogs, might sell for a little more, generally $4 per hundred.

This might be worth your time. It might not. It might be easier to simply junk it! For junk removal in Toronto of Pogs or other once-valuable but now-cluttering junk, contact us.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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