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For some, getting rid of clutter is easy, other’s not so much! I love watching my parents de-clutter the house. I make sure I grab some popcorn because I know it will be an entertaining day! I see my Dad tear around the house, rounding up all the extra bits in our house and throwing it out, organizing everything in boxes while my mom is his shadow, putting everything back where it was, rummaging through the boxes and the garbage making sure he didn’t throw out anything she “loved”. Problem is, she loves everything! So here is a simple list for those who find it hard to part with their 5th grade t-shirt!

  1. Take it slow. De-clutter for 15 minutes every day. You will be amazed at how much you will eventually get through.
  2. Don’t allow more things into your house. Whether you are de-cluttering or not, bringing in more stuff will just make it worse.
  3. Gift everything. Feeling bad about wasting or throwing out things may make you feel bad, but donating it or gifting it will make you feel better.
  4. Reward yourself! A few checks on a calendar to show which days you de-clutter sounds silly but is rewarding by giving you a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Start at the corner and do the superficial stuff first and then make your way in deeper.
  6. Whenever you are boiling the kettle for tea or coffee, tidy up the kitchen.
  7. “One in, two out” rule. If you bring in a new item, you have to throw/give away two other items.
  8. Make your storage space smaller. The bigger the room, the more you can fit into it.
  9. Clothing rule: If you haven’t worn an item in 6 months, sell it or donate it.
  10. The one-year rule. Take items that make you say “I might need this one day” and put it into a box. Seal it and date it a year from that day. If that date comes and you STILL haven’t needed it, then donate the box WITHOUT OPENING IT! You probably won’t even remember what is in there.
  11. One room at a time. One clean room will motivate you to tackle others.
  12. Impulse buying. Make a list of all the items you are buying. This will give you time to reconsider the items. It you feel it’s an impulse buy, leave it behind and come back for it tomorrow IF you remember. Seeing the list of items you almost bought on impulse helps you realize the money you just saved as well as the mess you saved yourself from cleaning up.
  13. Have someone else go through things with you but make sure it’s someone you trust!

If you feel de-cluttering is too much trouble because it might involve hiring a junk removal company, don’t sweat it because JuNKiT! is here. We make it so easy for you. Order online or by phone, the bin gets dropped off and then picked up when you are done. It’s that easy!

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