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Kitchen cabinets are more often than not one of the messiest places throughout our homes. Kitchen appliances, food, junk, kitchenware, and other miscellaneous items seem to fill the cabinets up no matter how much space we might have. Luckily, there are some ways to keep the cabinets organized, making it easier to find what you want or need.

Organize Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Putting Lazy Susan’s in the cabinets will create more storage space and will allow you to spin the shelves so that you can easily grab what you want. These are best used for spices, sauces, spreads, and other similar products.
  2. Hang up aprons, pots, pans, and other items that can be hung. Put up a hanging shelf or add some pegs to the wall. This will free up a lot of space so that the cabinets aren’t overfilled.
  3. Put anything you use the least high up in the cabinets, or somewhere hard to access.
  4. Use metal racks to stack dishes sideways and to keep them from falling. These racks can also be used for cookie sheets and flat pans.
  5. Designate areas for cooking utensils and pots and pans. Keep all cookware together nearest to the stove and oven.
  6. Have a drawer for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and baggies.
  7. Have a junk drawer for cords, twist ties, pens, and other random objects.
  8. Purchase a kitchen island for added storage and counter space.
  9. Use a vase for kitchen utensils near the stovetop.
  10. Keep kitchen Tupperware separate and have a section or container to put the lids in. Make sure all lids have the matching container.
  11. Buy shelf organizers. Many home improvement shops offer an array of different kitchen cabinet organizers. Find ones that will best suit your needs.
  12. Add hangers to the insides of the cabinet doors. You can also add towel racks.
  13. Divide drawers with sectionals. Keep everything separated and organized.
  14. If you hardly ever use the stove’s broiler, use the drawer for pots, pans, and cookie sheets.
  15. Add a small bookcase or dedicate a cabinet for cookbooks.

There are many ways to keep your kitchen cabinets organized. Just think logically and try to create more space by hanging some things up or by adding a kitchen island. You can also put away utensils and appliances you hardly use at the top of shelves.

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