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E-waste is a big problem because it takes so long for the components of electronic devices to decompose. That old computer that you don’t want, or need, or the old cellphone that has become obsolete need to go somewhere and, without a proper e-waste disposal strategy, that inevitably means the landfill. Sometimes it’s not even a landfill in your own country, as many poorer countries around the world are the ultimate destination for our e-waste. If you have electronics that you want to get rid of, below are some tips for disposing of your e-waste.

How To Get Rid Of E-Waste

Donation. If your old electronic item is still in working condition, consider donating it. There is a high probability that there is someone out there less fortunate than you who would be thrilled to receive an old computer, or laptop that may not be cutting edge anymore, but still add a lot of value to their life.

Sell it. With sites like Kijiji and Craig’s List in wide use, there are plenty of options for listing and selling old electronics. Selling your e-waste benefits both you and the purchaser, providing you with a bit of money you wouldn’t have otherwise had, and them with a piece of electronics at a discounted price.

Return it. It is quite common nowadays for stores that sell electronics to offer buyback programs. They may also offer trade-in, or store credits in exchange for your old electronics which they may either dispose of safely, or attempt to refurbish for future resale.

Recycle. In light of the considerable information we now have about the environmental damage caused by e-waste, a large number of recycling centres have been popping up around the world designed to ensure that we, as human beings, are minimizing our environmental footprints by recycling harmful, old electronic items instead of simply dumping them in a landfill.

Make an e-bag. Often times when we go to events, seminars, or festivals we are handed swag, including electronic items like USB flash drives. If you frequently find yourself the recipient of small, free electronic devices that you end up having no use for, consider stockpiling them so that they can be passed out to friends, family or places in the community that could put them to better use than you can.

E-waste is a problem we all have to deal with. Everyone in the 21st century owns a phone and a computer, or perhaps even a couple of them. We all want the latest device, and we often need to upgrade our technology for work, or school. Instead of simply discarding your old electronic devices, keep the above tips in mind and make sure that you are not contributing to the vast amounts of non recycled e-waste already that has already overloaded landfills around the world.

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