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Hoarding is actually a diagnosable mental health issue. It is a set of compulsive behaviours which create the need to be continually amassing and storing unmanageable amounts of personal belongings in the home, many of them quite useless, even hazardous. Hoarding is a psychological condition, but fortunately, there are methods hoarders can use to keep their bad habits in check. Here are five tips for hoarders to control their habits.

Control Hoarding Habits

Take out the trash

One of the many problems with the homes of hoarders is that there is never enough space in the trash for things that need to be thrown away. By regularly emptying the trash and making room, you can throw things away as you need to, instead of keeping them in the pile because you don’t have room in the garbage, recycling or donation bin.

Take back the kitchen

Make an effort to do dishes as you use them. It’s a chore to spend time at the sink, especially after you’ve just expended all that energy preparing and serving a meal, but dishes can quickly get out of hand and take over your entire kitchen. Another kitchen necessity is a clean fridge. Fridges can become backed up with unused produce, jars and plastic containers. Spend some time once a week reorganizing the refrigerator so it doesn’t become overrun with old and unsafe food.

The bedroom

A hoarder’s bedroom is filled to the brim. Clothes, even old, worn-out, ill-fitting ones are everywhere. Hoarders generally feel like many of the things they have are tied to specific memories in a very physical sense. The destruction or loss of an item can be a traumatic hypothetical because it implies destruction of something more abstract that they hold dear. Telling yourself that memories exist independently of the material possessions they are tied to is a good way to rationalize getting rid of something you don’t need.

Hire a hoarding clean-up service

Many junk removal companies offer hoarding clean-up service. These businesses know the areas that typically need tackling, are aware of the potential sanitation and safety hazards that hoarding can create and take care not to throw out belongings that are truly valuable. They do not judge and are there to help you take back your space and your life.

If you’re uncomfortable with having strangers help you with the task, simply rent a junk removal bin and have a trusted friend or family member help with the task. That way you’ll be comfortable as you take back your life.

Start small

Revamping your lifestyle is not something you have to do all at once. Choose a room, or even an area of a room to get the ball rolling and start changing some of the compulsive thought patterns that are associated with hoarding.

Hoarding can be very debilitating and may seem like it is taking over your life. However, if you follow any or all of the above five suggestions, you can make a dramatic impact on your quality of life, your mental health and the way you view and see your personal space and what you keep in it.

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