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Clutter in the house can disrupt your productivity and general well-being. However, there are some easy things you can put into practice to prevent clutter in your home.

Strategies To Prevent Clutter

  1. Utilize the One-In-One-Out Rule.
    This rule is self-explanatory. For every item that you bring into your house, you must also get rid of one item.
  2. Store Items Close to Where they are Used.
    One of the main reasons why clutter occurs is because items are not stored near to where they are used. If you keep the items close to their ‘home,’ you’re more likely to put them away after use.
  3. Utilize Storage Containers.
    It is important that all possessions have a proper home. Storage containers for each room (a file cabinet in the office, for example), will ensure that items aren’t being placed around the house unnecessarily – as long as you make use of them, of course. Remember to store files vertically and avoid piling, as this will only encourage items to get lost.
  4. Make Use of Wall Space.
    Walls are an often overlooked area when considering storage options. Installing shelves or bulletin boards on walls can instantly reduce clutter.
  5. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture.
    Multifunctional storage, such as an ottoman which could house blankets, a coffee table with shelves or drawers, or even a bed with drawers all provide additional storage options for your home, therein reducing clutter.
  6. Declutter While Watching Television.
    Organizing items while watching a television show or a movie will make the event much more enjoyable.
  7. Tackle Cluttered Areas in Small Chunks.
    Do not set out to organize your entire home at once; this is only likely to overwhelm you and will make it more likely that you will put it off until “tomorrow.” Instead, set the timer for 15 minutes and set out to declutter a specific area in your home. This will make it much more manageable. The timer will also force you to make decisions about whether to toss out certain items more quickly.
  8. Let Go of Useless Items.
    A lot of useless items in homes are ones that we hold on to out of sentimentality. However, these items can quickly cause clutter. Therefore, letting go as many of these sentimental objects as possible will only reduce the overall clutter in your home.
  9. Toss Out/Recycle Broken or Old Items.
    Often times, people tend to hold on to broken or old items with the intent of repairing them at a later date. However, it is important to consider their actual monetary value, because it can be better to simply toss, recycle or donate the item, saving you space in the end. Appraising the value of these items might even save you energy costs if you are keeping items that are not running at their peak efficiency.

To reduce the amount of clutter in your home even further, consider contacting our team at Junk It! We will remove all of your junk in no time.

Ready to get your junk removed?

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