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Choosing A Good Demolition CompanyThe demolition industry is riddled with underground operators who function without insurance and professionalism. Choosing the right demolition company is crucial to ensure the success of your project. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a demolition company.

Are they Insured?

A demolition company should carry general liability insurance and be covered by WSIB. You as a home owner could be liable for accidents on your property if the demolition company is not properly insured. Be sure to ask for copies of their insurance policy. Also ask for a WSIB clearance certificate to ensure they are up to date with their premiums.

Are the Experienced?

Hiring an experienced demolition company is very important. Ask about similar types of projects they have completed as well as at least three references.

Is Disposal Included?

Demolition projects generate a lot of junk. Make sure that the quote includes disposal and no hidden fee’s. Good demolition companies handle this for you.

Do they Provide a Detailed Written Quote?

A detailed quote should be provided indicating exactly what is included as well as the project scope. Vague, verbal quotes are a recipe for disaster.

Junk It! provides demolition services in Toronto and GTA. Give us a call at 416-531-5865 or check out our demolition services for more details.

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