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Decluttering your house? We like to think of it as decluttering your life. A cramped, messy space so often manifests as a cluttered mind. You are so overburdened by your material possessions that you simply don’t have room to think – literally and figuratively.

A good clean up every once in a while is essential for discovering space that was hidden before. Just as you do it with your home, your mind too will start to declutter. In this article we are looking at things you should dispose to make some real room for you.

Rid some fake foliage

We cannot believe this is a thing ourselves but large fake foliage is something that really needs to go. If you have those large fake planters that have been gathering dust for years, no better time than now to throw them out. Unlike real plants these won’t fill your lungs with fresh oxygen, but microplastics.

Don’t stow storage

Ironically, cardboard boxes and the like are one of the biggest culprits that take up too much space in your home. ‘What if I need it’ – you haven’t needed it in years and you’ll find a way when you do. Not only that, you’ll be less tempted to hoard old items. You won’t believe how many times we’ve been called to condos to empty out lockers which have been filled with empty boxes, suitcases and the like – only for them to have decayed over time.

Where do I sit guv’nor?

Not on that old armchair, for sure, you shouldn’t be. There is nothing wrong with keeping furniture for many years. In fact, it is very environmentally responsible. However, dusty, saggy and mouldy furniture needs to go. Dirty couches, broken nightstands, old bed slats and mattresses all need to be thrown.

Closet organizers and the things they organize

Love your closet organizers? It’s a pity they are holding items of clothing that you haven’t touched in years and most likely won’t look at again. Your closet is a prime candidate for emptying. Old clothes that don’t look old should go to charity shops. Larger closet organizers should be collected and left for junk collection Toronto. At least now you’ll be able to walk into your walk-in closet.

Can’t find the remote? Throw away that TV

It is truly amazing how much people love hoarding broken and absolutely unusable electronics. That would be okay if TVs were smaller, but when a 60 inch behemoth stops working, it’s hard to make it disappear. Large electrical items cannot be thrown away safely with your garbage. In any case, that’s a waste of the recyclable components that could otherwise be used. Call our team for junk collection Toronto and have your appliances large and small disposed of safely and responsibly.

Don’t leave a paper trail

You should get the best garbage removal Toronto knows to dispose of your old paperwork. Banks, social services, even your insurer have gone (mostly) paperless, so stop hanging on to those crinkly relics. Call us and we’ll destine your waste paper for an afterlife of recycled living.

Convenient Garbage Removal Toronto

Services for junk collection Toronto are extremely useful for decluttering your life. Just one phone call and a team of junk removal specialists will take your junk away. No need to hire a bin, no need to haul it to a drop-off depot.

Call Junk It today and schedule your garbage removal Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA. Our team will find a time convenient for you for the pickup. Not sure how much stuff you need to remove, our team offers free on-site estimates. Best of all, you only pay for the space you use and there will be no hidden charges whatsoever.

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