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Technological advancements are moving forward at a breakneck speeds, and consumers are benefiting from all the changes. Keeping up with technological trends means that we accumulate redundant devices every time we purchase a new gadget, and the proper disposal of old electronics is an issue for municipalities.

Old Electronics Disposal

E-waste is posing a difficulty for landfills as millions of tons of it is finding its way into the garbage. Unfortunately, these devices can leak hazardous chemicals over time, which adds to the problems of leaching that our landfills already face.

Some municipalities deal with trash using incinerators to burn their garbage, but it’s been shown that plastic at high temperatures can emit toxic material into the air, creating air pollution and hazardous breathing conditions. Proper disposal is key to making sure we enjoy our electronics responsibly.


Even old electronics have their audience. Consider looking at second hand markets where people are willing to pay less for used devices and gadgets. Of course, the newer the model, the higher the price you can fetch.

You may also consider buyback programs from the manufacturer or retailers of electronics. Some companies will even give you credit towards buying their product in exchange for turning in a competitor’s model. There are many ways to make a quick buck off of your old electronics.

For more than slightly out-of-date products, there may be some collector’s value attached to the item. Also, electronics are made up of different parts, and there may be some people who tinker with building electronics who are willing to buy your item for its spare parts.

Recycling Programs

Manufacturers often have a recycling program as part of an initiative to provide services throughout their product’s lifespan from beginning to end. These programs dispose of the products parts in environmentally responsible ways, although they may ask the consumer to bear the cost of shipping.

If you’re unwilling to pay for shipping, or if the company who produced your electronic device is no longer in business, you may wish to consider your local municipality’s recycling program. The city you’re in should have clear guidelines on what items they accept and the collection schedule.

Whatever you do, remember that in most places, dumping is illegal. If your city doesn’t provide you with an alternative for disposal, contact Junk It!. We recycle our customer’s waste as much as possible and help them to remove clutter from their home.

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