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Batteries are now in most household products. They offer a convenient power source and are easy-to-use within many devices and appliances. But while most people use batteries on a daily basis, many still don’t understand how to safely dispose of the batteries they’ve used. Within this article, we’ll take a look at the process for disposing of batteries.

How To Safely Dispose Of Batteries

Car Batteries Can Be Dropped off at Recycling Depots

Mercury is among the toxic elements within car batteries, and so it’s critical that these systems are disposed of safely in order to protect our natural environment. The Canadian government has set up programs to help ensure the safe disposal of car batteries. There are battery recycling depots across the country offering a safe location for dropping off older batteries. Oftentimes, these batteries will then go through the recycling process to prevent them from being placed at landfills.

Dispose of Cell Phone Batteries at Local Stations

With the increase in cell phone usage across the country, cell phone batteries have become an ever larger presence at local landfill sites. These batteries contain lithium, which can have a dangerous impact on the environment when released over time. There are now battery recycling stations across all cities in Ontario where cell phone owners can drop off their old batteries.

Drop off a Small Number of Batteries Each Time

Many people are under the assumption that, just because battery drop off facilities exist, they can drop off large numbers of batteries. It’s important that batteries are not mixed with one another and left to leak and corrode over time. This means homeowners should take their batteries to be recycled on a regular to help minimize the damage the battery could cause in their home and to prevent issues in recycling the product at a later date.

Alkaline Batteries Can be Disposed of in Household Waste

Most of the leading brands now manufacture batteries that can be disposed of in household waste. Alkaline batteries are designed containing only elements such as zinc and steel, and will resist corrosion over time, limiting their impact on the natural environment.

It’s important to work directly with a local specialist if you have any questions about your battery disposal options. Our trusted team is ready today to offer you a safe and effective means of removing old batteries from your home. Call now to learn more.

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