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One reason people have clutter is that they are storing items in their home. They may even have a storage room. The problem is that if you keep putting things into a storage room you eventually get to a point where you can’t fit anything else. That’s when you need to start getting rid of items instead of storing them.

Of course, another option is to rent out a storage locker or storage facility and place all of the items that are cluttering up your home in that facility. It sounds like a good answer. You get the junk out of your house and you don’t have to throw it away. It’s always there if you need it. Ultimately, that’s the problem.  You don’t need it.  You likely never will.

Storage lockers are great short-term solutions. If you’re moving or renovating it’s a good idea to place your items in a storage facility. They also prove useful for people living in apartments or small homes. For just about everyone else though, they’re really just an extension of your clutter.

The problem with storage facilities is that your junk is out of sight and out of mind.  Most people don’t use these places as temporary storage or for seasonal items. Many people rent a storage locker, fill it with stuff and never think about it again. The issue is that while you’re items are sitting in a locker somewhere, the bills are mounting up. You’re now paying for your junk on a monthly basis.

Before you rent a storage locker, stop for a moment and figure out exactly what you’re going to store there. Also think about whether or not you will ever need to access these items again. If you really can’t see yourself heading back to the locker to get the materials out, you should really think about throwing them away.

When compared with the monthly costs associated with renting a storage locker, the price of junk removal is negligible. And you won’t just be saving money. You’ll have the piece of mind knowing that you’ve finally cleared out your clutter for good. You won’t just be moving your junk around, you’ll be getting rid of it and starting fresh. That’s a good feeling.

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