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Pick up your sponges, disinfectants, and fill that bucket with some soapy water! That’s right… it’s springtime! This means clearing the last remnants of winter and giving our home that deep clean that we never got round to. To some, this seems a momentous task and needs to be planned. But don’t worry, help is at hand! We bring an essential guide to spring cleaning your home from top to bottom. Our tips come from those in the know and won’t take you long to have your home spick and span!

Get rid of stains using shaving foam

Yes… You heard it right, you can use shaving foam to get rid of stains on your sofa! It’s quite simple, just spray some shaving cream on the stain you want to remove. Rub it in and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour and then start to blot it dry. Be sure not to use shaving gel! Also, before you start, make sure you use the foam on a hidden area of the fabric just to be on the safe side!

Out with paper in with the microfiber

Save money and gain the ability to sanitise by using a microfiber cloth when cleaning your house. The beauty of using microfiber is that they can be used in any aspect of your spring clean, even to clean your bathroom and kitchens. You can use them on your floor, tiles and glass. When you are done, you just pop it in a washing machine and put it on the line to dry then you are good to go!

Give Your Shower Pressure a Boost

You may not think it, but it’s pretty important to keep your showerhead clean to maximise your shower pressure. So, while your spring cleaning frenzy takes place. You can use water and white vinegar to clean the inside of your showerhead. Pour the solution into a bag and make sure you seal it around the showerhead and leave it for up to one hour. This will remove any build-up trapped within the showerhead.

Check Those Rugs

It might sound simple, but you should take the time to shake and beat your rugs. It’s important to take your small rugs out and give them a good beating on a weekly basis. You may run the vacuum on your larger rugs, but spring is the perfect time to take them out to beat and shake. Just throw your rug over a line or fence and start beating with a stick, broom, etc. You should be doing this three to four times a year!

Clean Your Computer

Cleaning your computer tends to be a grey area, best avoid harsh cleaning products on computer screens and stay away from paper towels. Simply use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen and just wipe in circular motions – you can add a dash of water and vinegar. You can also use this solution to wipe down your keyboard and give it a good scrub.

As you go around your home cleaning and scrubbing like a mad thing! Here’s some food for thought… Did you know some practice cleaning as part of relaxation, while others use it as a way to keep fit? That’s true! Cleaning is soothing and satisfying, and it can relax your mind in the best ways possible. Looking for more ways to relax? Try reading a book or watching a favourite movie There’s only one way to find out…

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