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Could you be holding onto a priceless instrument that was crafted by a skilled artisan long, long ago? The chances of that are slim, but that doesn’t mean that the vintage instrument sitting in the basement is worthless. Perform this quick analysis before deciding to clear some space in storage by calling a junk removal service.

Vintage Instrument

Brand Power

Instruments fashioned by respected brands hold up better to aging, while preserving their quality construction so when they’re played, they still sound better than their competition. If you’re hanging onto the receipt from when it was first purchased, the cost of the instrument can be a good indicator of how much it’s worth today. You have to keep in mind the relative costs of instruments though, because a low end, expensive instruments could be costlier than a high end instrument that’s easier to manufacture.

Pianos to Look for

There are thousands of piano brands, and some of the most recognizable brands include:

  • Originally Austrian, Bosendorfer has been in business for over 100 years.
  • Fazioli is an Italian brand that manufactures grand pianos used around the world.
  • Mason and Hamlin is an American brand that’s not quite as old as Bosendorfer, but it’s not an upstart company either.
  • Kawai is a Japanese brand that makes white grand pianos that are easily recognized.

Violin Brands

Violins aren’t as large of an instrument but they’re still quite valuable as well made violins will sound better with use. Like wine, aging improves the good ones so check the outside or lining of the violin case for the stamping of the following brands:

  • Cecilio is a mid-range brand that’s more readily available than the high-end collector’s brands while providing a high quality sound.
  • Franz Hoffmann is actually made in China, and the quality is impeccable as it is a superior brand to most of the options available on the market.
  • Scott Cao is actually associated with the maker’s name, putting it at the top of this list.

An important factor to look for is how well the instrument has held up over time. Even if you have a rare instrument, if it was improperly stored and suffered damage, its value will drop significantly to the point where it may not even be worth much. Inspect your instrument for visible signs of wear, including warping, cracking, or discolouration.

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