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What to Consider Before Renting a Dumpster for Your Junk Disposal

Some ordinances require property owners to keep their properties clean and free from junk, such as Toronto’s Municipal Code Chapter 548. That’s why when you are organizing your home or renovating your place of business, it’s important to have garbage bins or dumpsters on the property to store the junk away and avoid any violations.

When you have more junk than available garbage bins, renting a dumpster is a good option. However, there are things to consider before calling the garbage bin rental company. This article discusses the questions to ask yourself.

How Long Will You Need It?

Before calling a company that offers garbage bin rentals, plan for and know the timing of your renovation or clean-out project. Ask yourself:

  • When is the start date of the project?
  • When is the expected completion date of the project?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine exactly when you need to schedule the delivery and collection date of the dumpster rental. Timing your rental prevents you from accumulating junk on your property before the arrival of the dumpster or having a full dumpster sitting in your front yard for days because you scheduled a late collection.

What Kind of Waste Are You Disposing Of?

It’s unwise to assume that renting garbage bins means you can dump any junk into them. For instance, there are some things you can’t put in your rented dumpster like paints and batteries.

Dumpster rental companies usually have guidelines on what type of junk they can and cannot accept. Here are the typical examples of acceptable junk:

  • Furniture: desks, couches, dresses, armchairs, mattresses
  • Appliances: washers, freezers, TVs, dryers, fridges, fax machines, computers, stereos,
  • Construction and renovation materials: glass, plaster, concrete, tiles, shingles, drywall

Assess what kind of junk you will be throwing away, and make sure to talk to your chosen garbage bin rental company about their guidelines. This should prevent further delays and ensures the complete disposal of all your garbage.

What Size Do You Need?

Dumpsters come in different sizes. When planning to rent a dumpster, you must also determine which size is best for your project. Choosing the right dumpster size should be easier if you already identified what kind of waste you’re throwing away. If you are renovating your store, you may need a huge dumpster to store heavy items like concrete and drywall.

Figuring out the right size may look like a minor detail, but it is a critical factor. Nobody wants to pay for a large dumpster that they can’t fill or get one that’s too small for their needs.

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Where Will You Place the Dumpster?

When planning to rent, you must also consider where you will be placing it on your property or location. The placement of the dumpster should be accessible with no obstruction of any kind near or above it. A good rule of thumb is making sure that the clearance above the dumpster shouldn’t be less than 22 feet. Placing the container at the right spot will allow the rental company to make delivery and pickup easy.

If you don’t have an accessible space on your property, you can place the garbage bin or dumpster on the street. However, you may require a permit to do so. The city of Toronto requires a Street Occupation Permit before any equipment or containers can be placed on the street. You can visit the city’s official website to apply for one.

How Much Does It Usually Cost?

Dumpster rental prices may vary depending on how long your rental period is, the weight of the waste, and the dumpster’s capacity. Ideally, a quick check of multiple service providers will give you a good idea of the price spectrum. You can find the most competitive price for your needs.

The average cost per week ranges from $200 to $800, depending on the dumpster’s size. Rental may also include dump fees, which average $40 to $64 per ton. Some companies also offer flat-rate pricing. They provide an all-inclusive price based on the dumpster size, rental period, and disposal fees.

For instance, Junk It offers $439 for a small garbage bin with a 10 cubic yard capacity. This pricing includes all disposal fees and a rental period of up to 7 days. It’s perfect for those who prefer to know the terms of their rental immediately.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when renting garbage bins and dumpsters. There may be a few other aspects you want to know, but these questions should already help you get a good start. Renting a dumpster does require careful planning; in doing so, you ensure an efficient process for your project and peace of mind for yourself.

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