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Why did Canadian cities change their garbage disposal rules?

Canada has always been very vigilant about garbage disposal. Stretching from East to West with a wealth of flora and fauna to speak for its heritage, it is all the more important that Canada maintains its environment sacrosanct.

Every Canadian city follows its own charter for waste elimination. Throughout Canada, there is a well-mapped schedule for garbage pickup.

All of us must be aware of the bin segregation rules: green bins for organic waste, blue bins for recyclable items and black bins for other articles, which do not fit into either of the former categories. However, cities put down their own specifications in regard to certain aspects of garbage collection. Here are the more interesting measures that some cities have already implemented/ are considering implementing for the same.


May of last year, the city of Gatineau made composting mandatory for its inhabitants. They are also expected to fit waste into a new 120-litre bin, one-sixth the size of their former bins. Every extra bag is charged $5.

Occupants of high-rise buildings, specifically, kicked up a stink about this new rule. With the amount of garbage that is being thrown out by condominium-owners, small bags would not be very well suited. However, the city feels that this is a more efficient way of recycling and is open to providing assistance to individuals who are not able to meet the mandate.


The snowy city to the North West had a utility committee meeting to understand how it can better handle the disposal of the city’s waste. Edmonton’s aim is to divert 90% of residential junk from landfills; the current quota being only 50%.

An initiative taken by the city to accomplish the goal is to throw out less grass. A major proportion of the organic dump from households is composed of grass clippings. Popularly known as ‘grasscycling’, this limits the amount of reusable turf that is thrown out. The council meeting also discussed the quantity of garbage that can be left on the curb and the usage of different kinds of bags for disposal.

Saint John

For close to a year now, Saint John has been following a new practice in terms of the type and weight of bags used to pack waste.

The revised solid waste bylaw suggested by the city’s authorities prohibits residents from packing garbage in small bags, be it from the grocery store or kitchen bags. Repeated complaints from collectors who have had to tip over bins to get hold of the bags have caused the government to instrument the law.

There are also restrictions imposed on the weight of bags. Disposal containers, whether they are bags, cans or bundles, must not exceed 44 pounds. Similarly, compost bins weighing more than 100 pounds will not be picked up. Lifters, in Saint John, pick up more than 5 tonnes of refuse every day. The new act aims to reduce the burden on them.

Whichever city you may be in, it pays to be aware of the garbage disposal rules. Cities impose huge fines on those who do not follow rules to the tee. Should you be in need of help to get rid of the scrap at home, call Junk It, today, and get it cleared without having to lift a finger.

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