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With summer come and gone, fall is the time to get your home in order and ready for winter. Once the cold weather hits, it’ll be time to hunker down.

Fall Cleaning

Look on the bright side: your fall cleaning chores will be a great opportunity to enjoy the last of the year’s pleasant weather. Use this handy checklist to guide you through the process and help you make sure you’ve given your house and property a thorough fall cleaning.

  1. Store outdoor items
  2. Wipe down and store everything that needs to come out of the yard for the winter. This includes patio furniture, the garden hose, and the kids’ summer toys. Make sure the garden hose is drained and stored in a frost-free place. Otherwise, your hose could crack and develop leaks.

  3. Clean the eaves trough
  4. Fall means falling leaves, which are the main culprit in clogging eaves troughs. Towards the end of fall, once the trees are bare, be sure to get up on a ladder and clean your eaves. This will ensure that melting snow and rain in the winter will drain properly.

  5. Wash windows
  6. This will be your last opportunity to clean your windows before the cold weather sets in. While you are getting up close and personal with your windows, take the opportunity to inspect for damaged caulk and other broken seals. Repairing leaks will prevent drafts and help you save money on your winter heating bills!

  7. Take your winter items out of storage
  8. It’s time to take out your fall/winter bedding, clothes and jackets. Save space by storing your summer clothes and bedding for the winter. This could also be a good time to clean your duvet and pillows, and rotate your mattress.

  9. Clean your chimney
  10. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want to inspect your chimney and flue. Use a flashlight and look up into your chimney. If you detect any debris, you’ll want to hire a professional to clean and sweep your chimney. Lighting a fire under a clogged chimney can be a major fire hazard.

  11. Maintain smoke alarms
  12. Test your smoke alarms and change their batteries. Batteries should be changed twice a year, so it’s a good idea to incorporate a battery change into your spring and fall cleaning regimens.

  13. De-clutter
  14. Take advantage of the last bit of warmer weather to de-clutter the garage and other spaces – you may not get a chance to do so once the mercury dips. Don’t forget to call Junk It! for the best prices on reliable junk removal services.

The onset of fall is an important reminder of seasonal cleaning tasks that you should be completing. Remember that these tasks don’t have to be a drag – ‘round up the family! For many people, raking leaves is as quintessentially fall as halloween and thanksgiving dinner. With these handy tips, fall cleaning will be a breeze.

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